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Every thing you want for you and your business is possible. It starts with mindset first. 

The Mindset Place

It can feel lonely running your own business can't it? 

Especially when it all comes down to you - the pricing, the decisions, the motivation, the sales, the marketing, the results.

And it can feel overwhelming.

But you are not alone. 

Bringing together the tools, the guidance and the supportive community you need in order to step away from overwhelm and step into your success. 

The Mindset Place allows you to commit to positive mindset and business development with:

  • Daily and weekly prompts including gratitude, journaling and affirmations.

  • A weekly live meditation.

  • A monthly live workshop addressing the big blocks that get in the way of so many entrepreneurs.

  • Group coaching every month.

  • A Facebook community full of supportive, inspiring entrepreneurs just like you. 

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The Mindset Place

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The Next Cohort Starts next April

The Mastermind

You've been in business for a few years. While it's not terrible, it's also not brilliant. You know there is potential for more and you are ready to make that happen. 

You feel frustrated and find yourself slipping into 'how is everyone else so far ahead?' thinking, which leads to self doubt. 

You want accountability, guidance, a sounding board, a safe space and clarity over the next steps you need to take in order to step into brilliance.

My Mastermind brings you all of this. 

Over 3 months you will be part of an intimate group of 6 other women in business.

With weekly coaching calls, fortnightly co-working and supportive, private group.

One to One

I offer a range of 1:1 services to suit your mindset and business needs, from Pricing Power Hours (that are longer than an hour!) to bespoke 12 week packages. 

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