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15 Money Manifesting Affirmations

Updated: May 11

You’ve created the awesome thing, you’ve invested in the books or courses so you can market and sell it but yet if feels like a constant battle to make any money at all.

Other people in your industry (I refuse to use the word competitors) make it look easy. And everywhere you turn coaches like me are telling you it can be easy, that money isn’t hard to come by. So, what’s going wrong?


When it comes to money mindset there are two big traps* that small business entrepreneurs fall in to – sometimes they fall out of one into the other – that are blocking them from making money.

They are:

I need more money


I don’t deserve money

*There are, of course, lots of limiting beliefs around money, not just these two, but they often fall into these general two headings.

In this blog I’ll share more about these traps, how affirmations can help you overcome them and then 15 of my favourite money manifesting affirmations so you can shift your mindset and start attracting money and leave the battle behind you.

I need more money

This is scarcity mindset all over! We create more of what we focus on so when we focus on what we don’t have i.e. a lack of money, we are creating more of that.

I’ve been in the position of watching the money leave my bank account for rent and bills, not knowing if I’d have enough to cover them, let alone enough to eat for the month. And I focused on it, every month. And every month was the same, even when I started earning more money, I still found it a struggle every month because I was stuck in this need for money. Changing this scarcity mindset to a mindset of abundance was the game changer. I started using the affirmations listed below and taking positive actions to welcome more money in (click here to download my 9 immediate actions to manifest more money) and I’ve always had enough money since.

I don’t deserve money

Whatever your background you can fall into the trap of believing you don’t deserve money.

No one is more of less deserving of money and success. And it wouldn’t matter if they were because money and success are both abundant and so everyone can create a limitless amount for themselves.

This mindset is where the money doesn’t grow on trees camp is set up, along with money is hard to come by. The implication being that you need to put in more time or effort (physically or emotionally) to reap the rewards.

I expect it goes without saying that if you’re trapped in either or both of these mindsets and you want to manifest money something needs to change.

Thoughts and beliefs aren’t the same thing

Your beliefs are held deep within your unconscious mind. They can be about yourself, other people or the world around you:

I don’t deserve money / I don’t have enough money

Rich people are bad people/ Other people make money easily

Money is hard to come by/ there isn’t enough money

Beliefs aren’t always bad, but in these examples they have become limiting because they are blocking you from making more money and from abundance.

Your thoughts are your self talk and you’re much more aware of them consciously. Your thoughts stem from your unconscious beliefs.

A belief of there’s not enough money is where thoughts of how will I pay the bills comes from.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality because of how your brain filters information, It discards the evidence that doesn’t support the belief or self-talk and amplifies the evidence that does. Your focus determines your reality.

How affirmations work

When you think - or for real impact, say – an affirmation, like one of the ones listed below, it might feel a bit weird at first, because it’s new. It’s actually a brand new neurotransmitter you’ve just sparked off. Nurture it over time and your nervous system will make it easier for you by releasing a substance called myelin which makes the thoughts flow easier. The easier they flow the more evidence your brain will hold onto to support those thoughts. The more supporting evidence it gathers the more it will reject the old limiting money stories and embrace abundance.

I practice my affirmations every morning as part of my routine. I practice them daily so when a bill comes through my first thought isn’t oh shit it’s, excellent I’m really grateful to be able to pass on this money (yes! Even the tax bill!)

One of the best things about affirmations is they don’t take long – 2 minutes a day will make a difference. I post daily affirmation practices in my membership The Mindset Place as inspiration and a reminder.

Money manifesting affirmations

1. I am making lots of money

2. I am a money magnet

3. I embrace the flow of great abundance

4. I have enough

5. I live an abundant life

6. I welcome money into my life

7. I feel safe making money

8. I deserve lots of money

9. I am grateful to money

10. Money flows into my life with ease

11. I am ready to receive money

12. I make money easily

13. I allow money into my life

14. Money gives me the opportunity to make a difference

15. I am confident in my ability to make lots of money

If you’re really serious about manifesting more money, click here and download my free eBook!

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