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The Mastermind

Step up to your brilliance as a business owner and make things happen

"Just a little message to say what a huge impact working with you has had on me, my mindset and consequently my business" - Karen Lander

Lauren Malone mindset coach for business owners

You are

a passionate purpose driven entrepreneur who wants to positively impact the world through your work. You want freedom, wealth, and flexibility but currently feel stuck, demotivated and sometimes desperate.

You know

your money mindset is holding you back. You struggle with selling and always feel more money has to mean more time, which you just don't have!

And so

you're stuck with a business that isn't giving you the freedom and flexibility you dream of and isn't having the impact you know you are here to give. Oh, and it's not making the money you want it to either - something has to change.

Your business is not only your livelihood. It’s also your passion. It’s your gift to the world.

You’re not just helping people. You’re ready to create impact and make waves.

But how…?

With clarity, trust, confidence, support, courage, self-belief and … let’s face it money.

My 3 month mastermind returns April 2024

We will be dismantling those money blocks, that are holding you back, piece by piece .


The stories that are keeping your prices low, that are keeping you in business models that limit your earning potential and that are stopping you from really making a difference on a big scale.

The limiting beliefs that are the cause of your procrastination and are the reason you're not currently having the impact you know you're here to have.

We will be gently pushing against, and expanding, your comfort zone, with confidence, courage and clarity so you get the things done that, let’s be honest, you’ve been putting off.

We will get to the root cause of any procrastination so you can align with your purpose and get shit done!

And we will do so with compassion, understanding and support.

  • 13 weeks starting

  • Maximum of 6 participants.

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Fortnightly co-working sessions

  • Private WhatsApp group

Total investment - £1700 (or it can be split into 4 or 5 monthly payments)

I'm interested, let's chat!

"Working with Lauren has been a game changer for me. Her direction, advice and challenge is just what I needed to progress my business. She helped me get clarity on what I can do, and how. She understood me and my needs. I don't think without Lauren's guidance my business would be where it is now. I'm forever grateful"


Purvi Kay - Cyber Security Keynote Speaker

Book and Headphones

So far, your business is doing okay. You’ve made sales, you have happy clients.

But you know the potential is there for more. And you’re ready for it.

You’ve read the money mindset books, listened to the business podcasts and they’re great. Now it's time to really implement everything you’ve learned, and more, in order to drive you business up to the next level.

You’re no longer okay with playing small.

"Working with Lauren has totally changed my perspective on money. I've been self-employed since 2008 and it's only since I started doing mindset work with her that I started earning decent money and feeling good about it. Now I charge what I know I'm worth, and I have the tools I need to turn a bad day or week around"


Melissa Holmes - Creative Copywriter & Editor

You are ready to…

      Face and challenge the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

      Make more money and embrace true wealth and abundance.

      Set goals, make decisions and take the actions needed to step up to your success.

      Confidently step into your zone of genius – aligned, empowered and impactful.

Here’s how we’re going to do it…

I’ve designed this mastermind for action takers. Business owners who want to see results soon.

Over 13 weeks we will have:

  • Weekly group coaching calls (with one implementation week).

  • Fortnightly co-working sessions to get things done.

  • A private WhatsApp group just for this intimate group for support, encouragement and community.

What’s the investment?

£1700. Payment plans are available. Secure you're place with a deposit now!

Does this sound like exactly what you need?

Lemon Tree Coaching - Coach Mindset Hypnosis NLP Change Development-8

Lemon Tree Coaching - Coach Mindset Hypnosis NLP Change Development-8

Lauren Malone profile pic mindset coach mentor expert

Lauren Malone profile pic mindset coach mentor expert

lauren bubble3

lauren bubble3

Lauren Malone BBC mindset expert

Lauren Malone BBC mindset expert

parot head

parot head

Lauren Malone Mindset coach mentor expert

Lauren Malone Mindset coach mentor expert



Lauren Malone mindset coach mentor expert laugh

Lauren Malone mindset coach mentor expert laugh

bbc h&w

bbc h&w

Lauren Malone profile pic mindset coach mentor expert

Lauren Malone profile pic mindset coach mentor expert



Lauren Malone mindset coach for business owners

Lauren Malone mindset coach for business owners

Lauren Malone mindset coach mentor expert NLP

Lauren Malone mindset coach mentor expert NLP

You may be wondering, who is she?

I’m Lauren and I am so excited to be bringing this mastermind to the online entrepreneurial space.

I’m more than a coach.

I’m a master practitioner in NLP and hypnosis, I’ve studied neuroscience and psychology and I am BBC Hereford and Worcester’s resident mindset expert.

I have over 15 years’ experience in business leadership and have been running my own business for over 4 years. 

Masterminds, for me, are one of the most exciting ways to work with people. The energy that is created when a group of empowered business owners come together with the common goal of getting shit done and smashing through long held limiting beliefs is inspiring.

My approach is honest and compassionate, but I will also hold you accountable and ask you the questions that guarantees you challenge old mindsets that are no longer serving you.

Will you be one of the 4 small business entrepreneurs joining me when we start on September 11th?


Is this mastermind right for you right now?

You want to take that next step forward that moves your business from okay to brilliant.

Your business isn’t failing, but it's also not giving you the income you want. And I know that admitting that is hard and I know admitting that you want to make lots of money is hard, but the fact is there is nothing wrong with that. 

It is safe to desire money - for yourself, for your family, for the future and for the good it will allow you to do.

You want to grow your income but you don't want to work 50 hour weeks - you started your business to allow you freedom and flexibility, not to feel stressed about where the next client is coming from or a constant state of hustle or stress. 

You’ve done the marketing courses, read the books but something isn't working. It's not your strategy. It's not your knowledge, skills or ability. It's not your potential. It's your money stories telling you it's not okay to ask for money, or that it doesn't grow on trees or that rich people are dickheads. 

You’re now ready to confront those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Is your comfort zone actually that comfortable?

Fear rises within you when you get close to the edge of your comfort zone. That’s your unconscious mind doing what it can to keep you safe.

But that version of safe means staying in the same place.

And you don’t want that any more.

Breaking through or expanding your comfort zone can be safe too – with support and guidance.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the old money stories that are causing procrastination, self sabotage and imposter syndrome?

Your old mindset won’t be what takes you to new places.

You have to believe.

  • Believe in yourself and your ability to make lots of money easily.

  • Believe in the abundance, that the money is there - your wealth won't negatively impact anyone else, quite the opposite. 

  • Believe in your goals - you can make that much money, I promise!

I believe in all of those things and I will help you to believe in them too.

You have questions, I have answers!

How much does it cost? The total investment is £1700. You can secure your place with a deposit of £200 and 4 or 5 month payment plan options are available at no extra cost.

I'm not money driven, is this for me? My aim isn't to make you into someone who only cares about money - I work with people who are driven by the positive impact and results they get for others. I believe they deserve to make money for doing such amazing work and I believe that by making lots of money they will go on to have an even greater impact - this is my ripple effect, this is my purpose. 

Why do I need to book a call before signing up?  Don't worry, it's not an interview! I want to be sure this is absolutely the right option for you as it is the power of the group that makes a mastermind so special. 

When does it start?  The next session is due to start in April 2024 - get in touch to confirm dates.

What happens if I can’t make a live session? I can provide you with all of the dates for all of the coaching, and co-working sessions either via email or on our discovery call, so you can be prepared. They will be at regular times. Don't worry if you miss a few though, there's lots!
What if I don’t like it? One of my core values is flexibility, while I will do everything I can in our discovery call to ensure this is a good fit for you before we start, if you decide, for any reason it’s not for you, we can and will find a solution that works.
Would I be better saving up and working with you 1:1? The shared energy from working with a coach alongside other likeminded business owners is incredibly powerful. You get something from being part of a mastermind that cannot be replicated when working 1:1. If you’re not sure what would be the best fit for you, book a call and let’s explore it together.
What if I’m not sure of my goals for the 3 months? No worries. I will guide you to clarity on your goals before we get stuck into actions
Will you be running the mastermind again?  Yes, I have plans to run it again twice a year.

What kind of business owners will be part of this?  This mastermind is for solopreneurs for both product and service based businesses. This is not for MLM, network marketing or franchisees (you may be interested in my membership).

The Low Down

  • 13 week mastermind for up to four small business entrepreneurs.

  • Weekly group coaching calls.

  • Fortnightly co-working sessions.

  • 1 hour 1:1 with me.

  • Private WhatsApp group.

Do you want to be part of something special?

The Benefits

  • Master your money mindset so your can release the stress around money every month and start living the life you want.

  • Take intentional action towards your goals.

  • Gain clarity over your ambitions and how to get there.

  • Be part of the powerful energy created when a small group of like minded individuals come together.

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