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Are you ready for your business to start making you

it all starts with mindset


About  Me

I'm Lauren Malone a money mindset coach and mentor for small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you.

I'll show you how to master your money mindset so growing your business, making a difference and getting rich, is easy.

I believe anything and everything is possible for you, but it's always mindset first.

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Resident Mindset Expert

Work with me

Tired of not earning enough? Ready to push through the next financial ceiling? GREAT! Drop me an email or an Instagram DM with the word DETAILS and let's chat!

 'Lauren is extremely intuitive, engaging and really understanding with the 1:1 work we did together. She was amazing at creating a safe space for me to explore some really deep and painful limiting beliefs which have held me back for years. It has given me the tools to transition forward step by step.'

 'Just one session with Lauren felt like a circuit breaker. I'm already on the road to taking back control of my confidence and and my approach to the aspects of my work that can cause a negative thought spiral. I can't recommend her highly enough.'

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